Do You Trust Your Bristol Asphalt Paving Company? Every part of your property plays a role in maintaining its usability and value. Considering that paved surfaces can last for more than a decade, you need to know that the Bristol asphalt paving company that you choose takes pride in the work that they perform. Asking the right questions can help you get answers from a prospective company that lets you know when you can trust them with your upcoming project.

How Long Has Your Bristol Asphalt Paving Company Been Operating?

Experience matters when it comes to pouring the smoothest asphalt and concrete surfaces. Making an accurate diagnosis and plan for parking lot repair also requires a high degree of expertise.
Looking for an asphalt paving company that has been providing your community with decades of service gives you confidence that they not only know what they are doing, but that they are also capable of assisting with your needs for years to come.

Is Your Asphalt Paving Company Fully Licensed and Insured?

Asphalt paving Bristol property managers need requires the use of heavy equipment, and making sure that the pavement is in perfect condition involves some hard and intricate work. A trustworthy parking lot maintenance company will do their best to make sure that accidents don’t happen on the worksite.
If an unexpected event occurs, then you also need to know that the company has the resources in place to handle their financial obligations. Bristol asphalt contractors should carry workers’ compensation insurance to care for any employees who get hurt on the job. They also need to carry auto insurance along with general liability coverage to further protect everyone involved in an accident.

Does Your Bristol Asphalt Paving Company Have a History of Successful Projects?

Testimonials are great resources that can give you personal insight into a company’s history. In addition to asking for referrals, you might also want to remember that pictures are worth a thousand words.
Ask your preferred parking lot paving contractor if they have a portfolio that shows completed projects, or you can check out the company website online. Ideally, you should see a gallery of images that show that the company can handle paving and repairing everything from a residential patio to an extensive commercial lot.

Will a Member of Your Team Walk Me Through the Project?

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the company takes a personal approach to every project. A reputable contractor should be willing to meet with you in person to talk about your needs. Then, they’ll offer you a free, no obligation quote that helps you determine how the size and scope of the project can fit your budget.
Once you decide to move forward with your plan, the right company will also handle all of the detail work. Knowing that the company will obtain permits and block off the area to be paved takes all of the stress off your hands.

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