How Do I Evaluate the Capability of a Bristol Paving Contractor?Some decisions require customers to do their own due diligence. When businesses are hiring employees, they typically interview many candidates, check references, and endeavor to select the right candidate for the position. When homeowners need a new roof, they frequently ask friends and relatives for recommendations, obtain multiple quotes, and check the contractor’s ratings online. However, when selecting a Bristol paving contractor, it is not uncommon for people to ask fewer questions and conduct less research. One reason for this is that many people do not understand the industry well enough to know the questions that they need to ask. If you do not ask the right questions, though, you could hire a contractor who is not capable of completing your job satisfactorily.

What Experience Does the Bristol Paving Contractor Have With Projects of a Similar Nature?

Naturally, you want to ensure that the contractor offers the paving services you need. For example, if you need an asphalt overlay, a contractor who only offers sealcoating is not a suitable candidate. However, what is equally important is the experience that the asphalt paving company has in completing jobs of similar sizes and complexities. Even the best driveway paving contractor could struggle to construct a massive parking lot on undeveloped land.

What Equipment Does the Bristol Paving Contractor Own?

Asphalt paving equipment is far from cheap, so owning its own equipment is usually evidence that an asphalt company has attained a certain level of success. In recent decades, the internet has provided unhappy customers with many forums to reveal their negative experiences with contractors and other businesses. Negative reviews can severely impact the success of a contractor offering asphalt paving in Bristol. However, equipment ownership should be used only as supplemental evidence that you are considering a qualified candidate. Many reputable asphalt companies rent equipment, especially if the machine is one that is only needed on rare occasions. Ask candidates to tell you the number and types of machines that your job will require, then ask whether they are comfortable that they can provide them.

What Will the Asphalt Paving Company Tell You About Their Staffing?

Ask questions about the people who will be performing the work on your property. Are they employed by the company, or are they subcontractors or temporary laborers? Does the company have workers’ comp insurance covering all employees? Are all equipment operators properly trained and experienced? Have all employees received adequate training in their job duties as well as workplace safety? Can the contractor provide a sufficient number of trained, experienced, competent workers to handle your job efficiently?

What Is the Contractor’s Plan for Providing Asphalt Paving in Bristol?

No contractor should jump into a project without first creating a workable plan. Regardless of the paving services you need, your contractor must have a plan for controlling traffic, scheduling the arrival of tools and products, moving crew members to the site, and many other details. The plan should also allow for the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. For example, if an unexpected storm strikes, how will the contractor get your job back on schedule?

Is the Contractor Willing and Able to Communicate With You Effectively?

Do not accept a contractor’s statement that your job is too complex for you to understand. In the first place, such statements are demeaning. In the second place, explaining the details of your project is a very important part of the contractor’s job. Furthermore, your contractor needs to advise you of any problems or deviations as soon as they occur. The last thing you need is to try to chase down a contractor who does not respond to your emails, texts, or voice mails. Keep in mind that contractors are frequently at their most personable before you sign a contract. If they are rude, difficult to reach, or impatient before you commit, you should not expect their behavior to improve as matters progress.

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